Here are some of the articles I’ve written. I’m particularly proud of the order of the words.

Arboreal Astronomers

Arboreal Astronomers: Using Tree-Rings to Probe Solar Activity for Astrobites

The time trees have spent on the planet is thousands of times longer than the earliest human cave paintings, and have always been interacting with the carbon cycle. It’s nice to know that the silent sentinels of our planet witnessed the universe in their own way. What cosmic glories might they have transcribed within themselves?

The Great Planet Bake Off

The Great Planet Bake Off for Astrobites

Imagine every cookie you have ever eaten. Yum. They were each a little different from each other, but some probably were quite similar. Even though you might not have been there when they were made, if you can group similar ones together (sweet ones, crispy ones, buttery ones) you will have more information about how a baker goes about making cookies in general. That’s what today’s authors did, not with bakers making cookies, but stars making planets!

One Shell of a Mystery

One Shell of a Mystery for Astrobites

I find it so compelling that these stars spin on a timescale approachable to humans. In the time it takes to watch a movie, you could watch as clouds whip across a stellar disk (“I love this part”), or star spots dip behind a disk of debris (“There it goes, oh here comes another!”). It would be a cosmic light show that once carried the name of a simple shell, an astronomical spectacle that we could enjoy during a human attention span.